Tombsweeping Day

Its 11.21 am gonna go for breakfast now with Jody and have a fun day weeeee. I will add a new entry to this blog later explaining what happened today and indeed yesterday – Dont worry i will make sure the VERY few ppl that read this trivial shit will be fully informed right down to the last inane word ;o)  .

  Back now and the anti climax has started to kick in – Jody has gone home and I am sitting at home with Gareth chilling to to ambient tracks and having a chat (and of course writing my blog) . Yesterday I went to Nei Wan and had a great time – heh jody didn’t quite get the nei wan (ney wan = no-one ) geordie joke but never mind, we had some nice chinese food and strutted around in the ample heat for a bit. Then we got the bus home and watched a bit of Tv.

  Carrying on from this mornings entry – Me and Jody went to Taipei arena and had an Ice tea and a chat and then went to Ximen . In Ximen we did a little shopping (bought some new trainers for only an hours wages) , I ummed and ahhed over a shirt that was one sixth of an hours wages and STILL didn’t buy it. We then met Erik and Amy in TGI’s for dinner ( jody i owe u 300nt remember) , I felt in a daze all the way through dinner but tried to hide it. Which leaves me at this moment now , a little bit sad and hot.

 All in all judging by what has happened in the last week or so I am now more resigned than ever to just take life as it comes – If I get deported I wont simply go home I will do something else , maybe travel a bit work in another country where VISA’s don’t require you to have to perform miracles and constantly watch your back – Hey I am British – I am welcom anywhere in Europe/Japan/Hong Kong/Australia , the world is my Oyster as it were!!.

 Thats all for now  back to work tommorow only for two and a half hours I am now certain more than ever that I should enjoy the moment – My job, my friends, MYSELF and of course my girlfriend xxxx.



~ by richardpmurfin on April 5, 2006.

5 Responses to “Tombsweeping Day”

  1. Good for heard you got a nice day but one thing is you look very different with first time we met……
    Thinner now…..Hope my nice friend can getting weight more!!!!!

  2. Awww, my friend he not happy very. What the hell is this about you getting deported?! no wonder you\’ve been down in the dumps!

  3. Thanks Flora maybe I will put some weight on heh. Tom I am okay now I think.

  4. AAAWWWWW……seeee…..told you you need to eat more and get more weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I know baby I will consider it heh!!

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