Greedy ?

Everyone I know Bar Gareth has told me in the last 3-4 months to put weight on!!!, don’t get me wrong i am happy with my weight and i eat a reasonable amount despite no longer really exercising like I used to in the UK. But I am worried that maybe I am subconciously trying to add weight to please the chubby lovers, once upon a time a small voice would say " hey dont eat that " or "watch the calories" or even " wee plop " (that last one hardly ever happened). But today I had a subber (6inch) a bacon double cheeseburger a Sushi triangle and two of those little sesame things and I didnt stop myself – grr no unhealthy shit for a a couple of days.
Other than that a simple day at school a couple of lessons and a trip to the park, my hours are being boosted as of Monday . I havent however heard anything from the other job!!.
Food and Drink Update – I am now officially addicted to Tea, ranging from oolong right through to green and even to roasted milk. They love tea so much here it is infectious (obviously not the tea that would be horrible) . My current favourite is Orange tea which quenches the thirst quite spectacularly. I also find myself spending more time in the 7-11 than anywhere else , and their coffee is bloody great stuff, it help kick start myself for the morning exercise – Everyone – " Share share share your toys, share them with your friends".
 I have been told also at rather short notice that I have to work on saturday – booh. So i better practice for the Demo " we are going on an egg hunt kids".
Oh well back to my green Tea (hot this time, normally green tea is cold) and Accuradio and gareths PSP.
Question to Tom why is that random girl leaving a message on you blog everytime you make an entry?. To Anna – Make more entries man!!. Im gonna sit my fat ass down now.

~ by richardpmurfin on March 30, 2006.

3 Responses to “Greedy ?”

  1. Leave Carla alone you fat git! i think she\’s funny! ;oD

  2. Hey,You should try to eat more and get your weight back,will look more healthy! 😉
    BTW,I am not a good dancer though!!!!   :p

  3. yes u need to get weight but in a healthy way,…….not by those greasy food…….or chips!
    anyway, hope you willl get another job soon….at least a better one..croos my fingers!!!!!!!!!

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