Thursday – Two days till weekend

Thursday – I feel kinda guilty as Jody was up bright and early and was chipping away at her Big Conference for Saturday and I was slobbing round in bed (good luck with it Jody) . Went to work for a two and a half hours (sweet) and just repeated the song of the week : I am an apple, growing on a tree. If you want a snack , then just eat me!. I replaced the word apple with Orange and banana to eat up time ( I even changed it to dabien – poo, but I had to stop as the kids got too excited) . Struggled home in the rain , eventually I have had to admit that a brolly is a must in Taipei even though it looks gay , and anyway ppl in Taipei walk along with bright pink brollies and terrible atir so i can’t get too self concious. On the way back I reckon I bought my millionth Meatball Subber (copy Subber which exceeds the original in size/taste and price) see pic below to see what all the Hoo-Hah is about , of course you realise it is never that good in real life.

~ by richardpmurfin on March 23, 2006.

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