Wasted Time

You ever do something that you know even at the time isnt probably a good idea but because everyone else is doing it and you have had a few beers you just go!!!. Halfway through the weekend I could’ve just gone home after having an adequate time in a bar with mates BUT no i went to Vibe – some average late night club , which to be fair when you have a beautiful girlfriend is competely pointless, I didnt need to pull and or drink more alcohol so because of that I didnt get in till like 5.30-6am thus i didnt get up till 4pm today  – AGHH . I promised myself no heavy drinking because last week because I didnt enjoy it. The worst thing is I dont even think Jody wanted to go to either I think we both just went along because everyone else did. Next time I will be strong and just go home at a reasonable hour and then I can enjoy my Sunday ALL day and chill out in  a cafe etc. What do you think Jody take it easy for a while??

~ by richardpmurfin on March 19, 2006.

3 Responses to “Wasted Time”

  1. sure…………i enjoyed bathing under the sun more….

  2. you\’ve got all your life to sleep in. stay up as late as you can and drink as much as you can is what i say. but then again what do i know, did you see the tash i used to have!

  3. Thanks again Ian very insightful I will Heed your advice and drink more , I have seen you drunk on TV on the anfield Bus. But again who are you?? :o) . Yes you did indeed once sport an attractive tash , it was your calling card in many respects.

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