Friday and it is sooo hot man !!, we did PE today in the sweltering sun !!, ahh it will only get worse. Going to a gig on Saturday then someones birthday party at a club called the Face sounds like fun. Bought 3 large packs of Pringles yesterday and now I am destined to eat them all – Never buy more than one bag of crisps, shouldn’t worry too much I am now as thin as i was when i was 15 for some reason??, must be the healthier food ?, yet i eat alot of hamburgers and stuff?. I am now waiting for the boiler guy to fix the hot water, should be interesting when its doubtful he will speak English. Jody thanks for your help in getting it fixed too! :o) .
  Oh one quick mention for Tom as I promised him – he is giving blood today as some sort of apology to a girl he pissed off so good luck tom hope you dont hurl , and you get free tea.juice and biscuits ( i have been there) .

~ by richardpmurfin on March 17, 2006.

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