Wierd wasnt planning on going out last night (saturday) , but did at 12am (only in Tapei) , and had a dam good night , drank too much lager and had a little dance with Jody ( I reckon I was better at dancing than her but she wouldnt admit it) . Woke up today feeling like shit BUT had a brilliant day . I have now decided instead of turning gay i am now turning into a middle aged man , today I spent buying household goods from Ikea with Jody, Im not casting dispersions on Jody – she is cool ! BUT ME ! hmmm is it normal to enjoy walking round a place i once called the worst place on earth. Also had Pizza Hut all you can eat but as usual my appetite shrank (if that is a word – you can tell me Anna I am relying on it) to the size of a doormouses just before i began to tuck into the delicious spicy mexican pizza. I realise my English is not good today but i have lived in Tapei tooo long and crap enhlish is rubbing off on me AND i am tired ,AND eternal Sunshine OTSM is on ( good abreviation eh). I am now talking utter shit to no-one but a screen. Anyway i had a great day with Jody and now i am ready to go to bed and face another week at school (not a bad thing spose, as long as people dont keep telling me how to do my job even tho i am now a pretty good teacher) .

~ by richardpmurfin on March 5, 2006.

2 Responses to “Sunday”

  1. Shrank is a word.

  2. If you want I can give you a few pointers later on, on how to be a good teacher

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