Sunday night

Sunday , weekend is over DAM you !!, had a good weekend with mates and Jody though . I drank toooo much on friday , actually dont get me wrong i actually didnt drink that much officially but i think seeing as i am queer now and have the drinking ability of a small child, that i should seriously reconsider my tolerance level or indeed lack of. I am now going to abstain from alcohol for a long period (at least 2 weeks i reckon) . Oh yes i went out in Carnegies if anyone is interested , and apparently i was THE greatest dancer ever seen on a friday night !, thats what Jody/Gaz and Erik said anyway .

~ by richardpmurfin on February 26, 2006.

3 Responses to “Sunday night”

  1. Back to school.  At least you won\’t get hit with a door by a small 12 year old.  Or spat at.  And no-one will suck their teeth at you….

  2. IF you read the top of this page it reads

    A small note about a boring little man with a little space to tell all about his wee
    I don\’t want to know about your wee…
    Howay the lads, by the way I have a work dispute again and have left to antother job! Yippee I love it me, the good side is the money is bloody marvellous!

  3. wow…..did i say that??

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