I always seem to type a message on Wednesday or the weekends but who cares eh eh ?. Its wednesday and I am chilling at home, about to go back to work in a couple of hours. This message is to Joe – Have you got a pc with internet as I think we can link up now (although my pc is crappy) . To Anna Did you go down the big market pet wuuurr.  
  Anyway I am enjoying myself immensely ( even though i have to work saturday AGAIN) and my girlfriend is absolutely smashing. Oh yes Gareth is fine too incase you want to know.

~ by richardpmurfin on February 22, 2006.

3 Responses to “Wednesday”

  1. Yes, I most certainly went to big market on Monday night!  Students night; very cheap, but full of scum bags.  In particular a place called Blu Bambu – obviously spelled that way because they\’re unbelievably cool.  Some bloke tried to give Sarah ten quid.  And I asked all the locals to say: hokey cokey, Britta Water filter and Coco Pops.  Needless to say, they were not entirely amused, neither did they comprehend my superior Sheffield accent.

  2. Also:
    1) Get your hair cut;
    2) Bloody smile on photos;
    3) Eat more;
    4) Will you miss me when I move to America in April?

  3. 1) i had it cut
    2) my face looks too wide on pics when i smile
    3) okay I will
    4) Yes
    In general i find people in the north east are complete ass holes (not just partial assholes that would prove tricky in times of poo needs) , and although i speak highly of the NE i would much rather be in the Midlands talking to such an eloquant (god knows the spelling) lady as your kind self. ;o) . Why give her a tenner??.

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