The school didnt pay me my wages . Grr humpfff gnnn.

~ by richardpmurfin on February 6, 2006.

3 Responses to “Monday”

  1. Alright mate? wow would of never believed that you could be arsed with a diary of all things. Sounds like life is treating you well, girlfriend is beautiful if you don\’t mind my say so.
     Went to a shit lecture this morning on synthesis at broadway.
    Had my student loan reassessed got a grant like you did £1000 plus an extra £950 on my loan amount and i also found out that i don\’t have to pay my tuition fees! already paid two terms so i get £780 today!
    GET IN!
    And the cerry on the cake… Souness went last week and Shearer scored his 201st goal could life get any better! 

  2. Cheers Joe , yer lifes pretty swish man . Great news about the grant (now you need to attend for 7 leisurely years). Synthesis wow thats a geeky subject. You still play Halo?, even without practice i could staple your ass to a wall from two hundred yards (and after we could play Halo). Souness was cack and shearer (although over the hill) is a legend. Hey did you kick any back doors in before you left Sainsburies. Yes Jody is beautiful :oD  . I have brought 2 sainsburies tops with me to taipei and i kip in them , i am gonna send a pic of me chilling in one for you to reminiss !!.
    Ps – tearing your ball sack wide open on a barbed wired fence and as you fall disturbing a wasps nest encouraging (if you will) 15/20 vicious and angry wasps into your afformentioned torn bag and suffer many severe stings to the prementioned damaged sack.

  3. Stop adding your own comments, very few people find you attractive.  Granted, you have captured Jody\’s interested.  And it\’s not as if she\’s even in it for the money.  Oh alright then, you aren\’t bad.  Haway man woman pet.

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